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Upgrading firmware of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1

In short:

Panasonic has released a new firmware for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1 compact camera which is worse than the previous version. The previous version (1.1) is no longer available on Panasonic website, so I made it available for you on my website: FT1__110.zip

Long story:

I already talked about the Panasonic Lumix FT1 camera in another post, in short the strenghts of this camera are:

  • ability to go under water
  • HD quality movies (720p)
  • optical zoom during movie recording
  • no limit on movie length

It’s really worth its price. You can find many example videos made with this camera on YouTube. The latest firmware available from Panasonic is ver. 1.2 . The main difference with regards to ver 1.1 according to Panasonic website is an “improvement of battery detection for safety standards Panasonic uses” which seems cool until you dig around for a while and discover that this improvement actually means that “after this firmware update your Panasonic Digital Camera cannot be operated by unauthorised 3rd party batteries“.
Wait a second, and you call this an improvement? No, thanks. I’d rather keep the ability to use 3rd party batteries.

So the next thing you do is check what other improvements have been introduced in firmware 1.1 compared to 1.0, here they are:

  • Capable of playing back AVCHD motion picture format (1,280 x 720 )
  • The quality of viewing image(still image) is improved.

Don’t care too much about the former, but the latter looks quite important.

Right, next question is: where can I download firmware 1.1 ? Panasonic was such nice to remove it from their website, and force anybody who wants to fix the 2 issues listed above to upgrade to ver. 1.2 and (bonus!) lose the ability to use 3rd party batteries.

That’s not nice, Panasonic!

Fortunately for you, I had the luck to save a copy of firmware 1.1 while it was still available, here it is for your convenience: FT1__110.zip