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Cheap usb-ethernet adapter for MacOSX

I recently purchased a cheap usb-ethernet adapter for my Macbook Air for just 5 EUR.
The model name is KY-LANRD9700, it’s a usb 2.0 to ethernet 100Mbps adapter and it uses the AX88772 chipset.
The USB id is: 0x9700:0x0fe6

This chipset is fully supported under MacOSX. You can download the driver from ASIX website.

No need to spend 30 EUR on the official usb-ethernet adapter from Apple!


Skype video call shortcut in MacOSX

I use Skype to make video calls mainly to a couple of contacts. I didn’t want to enable video automatically for all calls and at the same time I find it tiring to search for the contact name and place a video call.

I wanted something easy to automate that. Here is a simple Automator written in AppleScript which will take care of that:

on GetPart(s, p, d)
set theList to every text item of s
return (item p of theList)
end GetPart
on run {input, parameters}

(* Your script goes here *)
activate application "Skype"
tell application "System Events"
delay 1
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to " "
tell application "Skype"
set login to "luca.gibelli"
set foo to send command "GET USER " & login & " ONLINESTATUS" script name "MyScript"
set UserStatus to my GetPart(foo, 4, " ")
if UserStatus is "ONLINE" then
say "calling " & login
set Res to send command "CALL " & login script name "MyScript"
set CallId to my GetPart(Res, 2, " ")

copy (run script "tell application \"Finder\" to desktop's window's bounds") to bounds of window 1
set MaxTries to 60
set CallStatus to "unknown"
repeat while (CallStatus is not "INPROGRESS" and CallStatus is not "REFUSED" and CallStatus is not "FAILED" and MaxTries > 0)
delay 1
set MaxTries to MaxTries - 1
set Res to send command "GET CALL " & CallId & " STATUS" script name "MyScript"
set CallStatus to my GetPart(Res, 4, " ")
end repeat
if CallStatus is "INPROGRESS" then
send command "ALTER CALL " & CallId & " START_VIDEO_SEND" script name "MyScript"
end if
say login & "offline!"
end if
end tell
end tell

return input

end run

Of course I wanted to also enable video automatically when answering calls from specific contacts. Fortunately Skype Extender does just that!


Vodafone Mobile Connect: HUAWEI K3765

I recently purchased a HUAWEI K3765 HSDPA modem with Vodafone brand. It’s possible to use to this USB stick with any operator, by simply downloading the Mobile Connect software from HUAWEI (just google for it).

There is no need to flash a new firmware on it, just uninstall the Vodafone Mobile Connect software and replace it with the standard one from HUAWEI: you will be able to configure the software to use any APN you like.

You’ll still experience a small glitch though, at least under MacOSX: everytime you plug the modem into the USB port, you will see a popup asking you to install Vodafone Mobile Connect.

There is a simple solution to this problem:

  • find out the UUID of your USB stick: diskutil info /Volumes/Vodafone\ Mobile\ Broadband/ | grep UUID
  • create a new entry for this disk in /etc/fstab with the noauto flag turned on:
    • open /etc/fstab in your favourite editor (create it if it doesn’t exist yet): sudo vi /etc/fstab
    • add a line like the following to /etc/fstab:
      UUID=A46AA80A-97B9-3B47-91A4-8128A9458A31 none hfs rw,noauto 0 0

Replace the UUID with your own UUID.

Thumbs up! Now unplug your USB stick and plug it again: no annoying popup this time!