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Converting Nokia Backup Files (nbf) to CSV without a Nokia phone

Recently I found myself in need to access an old backup of my phonebook. The backup was created using the backup function of my Nokia phone. It used the “NBF” (Nokia Backup File) extension.

I struggled with Nokia PC Suite, Nokisoft, and some nfb python scripts before realizing that I was actually looking at a zip archive of my phone filesystem!

Wow, so it’s really this easy:

  • rename the backup from backup.nbf to
  • unpack it with: unzip (or using winzip)
  • search for .vcf files inside the archive. In my case they were located under predefhiddenfolder/backup/WIP/32/contacts
  • YMMV

Converting the .vcf files to something which vaguely resembles a .csv file is trivial.

I used an ugly oneliner to do it. Here it comes for your pleasure: