RankDex e le possibilità mancate

Back in 1997-1998 another search engine was indexing the Internet using an algorithm similar to Google PageRank.
On July 23th, 1998 the following post appeared on the Internet:

I am the inventor of Rankdex, I left the company about a year ago, as ar as I now, the Rankdex index was never updated since I left. GARI software which hosted Rankdex is now part of Dow Jones, no one is responsible for Rankdex anymore. Dow Jones may still own the patent,if it is approved, but anything could happen.
If you are interested, a detailed technical paper on Rankdex was recently published in IEEE Internet Computing, July/August issue, the title of the paper is Towards a Qualitative Search Engine.

What makes the fortune of a product?
Is it people or is it money?


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